Submission Forms

Farm Animal PM Submission Form

Avian PM Submission Form

Parasitology Submission Form (pdf) 

Parasitology Submission form (.doc) for electronic submission

BVD Antibody (Ab) & Anitgen (Ag) ELISA Testing Submission Form (pdf) & Supplementary Form

BVD Antibody (Ab) & Antigen (Ag) ELISA Testing Submission Form (.doc) which can be completed electronically & Supplementary Form

Please print out the submission forms and complete them fully when submitting sample for testing. The form should be submitted with the samples.

For our postmortem examination service, please speak to one of our vets prior to submitting the carcase so that it can be triaged. If accepted, please complete the submission form fully and then sent it with the carcase or, ideally in advance, by email to  [email protected]


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