Port-Mortem Services

Farm Animal Post-Mortem

Requesting a post-mortem

Prior to requesting a post-mortem (PME) it is important to ensure this is the most appropriate method of investigation in the particular case.  Your veterinary practice must speak to the duty Veterinary Investigation Officer (VIO) to discuss the PME before submission.  In some cases it may be more suitable to submit samples to a testing laboratory before opting for a PME.  In order for us to decide whether we can accept a carcase or not please be prepared to be able to answer these simple questions.  Farm details, when was the animal last seen alive, vaccinations or treatments given, age of animal, how many animals have died.  A fully completed submission form should be submitted prior to the animal arriving for PME.

Our Farm Animal PMEs may only be accepted if the following criteria apply:

  • Animals dead for more than 48 hours will NOT be accepted.
  • Animals dead for more than 24 hours may not be accepted, autolysis reduces the likelihood of diagnosis.
  • If frozen it may not be accepted.
  • A maximum of three mammals and five bird carcases can be submitted together from a single disease incident on each farm.
  • Predated carcases may not be accepted.
  • Animals shot may not be accepted if neurological disease is suspected.
  • Clinical history may suggest submission of samples is more suitable (e.g. faecal samples to investigate diarrhoea).
  • Ovine abortion where placenta is not available.

The standard fallen stock disposal fee will be charged for all carcasses, including any received without prior agreement between the veterinary surgeon and the duty VIO.  Postal submissions should be sent to your preferred testing laboratory.

If submitting live animals for PME the decision must take into account the Welfare in Transport Legislation.

Some submissions will be investigated as part of a contract for surveillance of livestock diseases with the Animal & Plant Health Agency (for more information see the APHA Vet Gateway website).

Farmed livestock that may be suitable for subsidised PME for surveillance include alpacas, cattle, deer, game birds, goats, llamas, pigs, poultry, rabbits, sheep and water buffalo.

The area covered by the Wales Veterinary Science Centre Ltd is detailed in a map on the APHA website.  A postcode finder has also been published to help show the surveillance coverage area.  Submissions within the coverage area of special interest to APHA may be subject to additional laboratory testing at no extra cost to the submitter.

Other Species Post-Mortem

We may also be able to provide PMEs for companion animals and wildlife.  If you need such a service please consult the duty VIO to establish whether this is possible, any procedures to be followed and the costs involved.

If you wish to submit a livestock carcase or have any queries please contact us on 01970 612374.


Prices exclude VAT. Valid from 1st May 2020. May be subject to change.

For a PDF version of the price list, please click here: Surveillance PME Price List 2020/21

* Disposal charges for pigs, goats, deer and camelids available on request

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