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# TT – Max turnaround time (working days)
* Other smears may be available on request

҂ In order to ensure that we have the reagents in stock, a five-day turnaround time only applies to the Sheep Scab ELISA if the samples have been booked in, in advance, two weeks earlier. Otherwise, the test turnaround may be up to 10 days.

$ We are a United Kingdom Accreditation Services (UKAS) accredited laboratory, and these tests which are marked with ‘$’ are accredited to the internationally recognised ISO/IEC 17025 standard for laboratory competence.

Please aim to submit fresh faeces as soon as possible after sampling to achieve optimal sensitivity. This is particularly important for the lung worm testing because the technique detects live larvae.

Please also ensure samples are submitted in appropriate containers to avoid possible spillage and contamination. Please see this article from BCVA for some handy advise on posting samples here.

Further information

Information about the Sheep Scab ELISA developed by the Moredun Research Institute (MRI)

  • Moredun worked on the test for 15yrs and continue to develop it
  • WVSC can now offer the test commercially having spent 18 months validating it at WVSC
  • The ELISA detects ovine IgG binding to recombinant Psoroptes ovis Pso o 2 (rPso o 2)
  • As an IgG test, it can be a quick/early diagnosis, but antibodies remain in circulation for a while (3-6 months in circulation after successful treatment)
  • However, levels drop significantly after treatment possibly as early as two weeks

Recommendation is to wait three months before repeat bleeding a group

For more information on the test, how to use it and Sheep Scab in general please follow the following links:

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